As part of the EYFS framework we are required to assess how children are learning and developing. At Dunholme Pre-school we do this through quality interactions with your child and we use our knowledge and experience of child development to see where your child is and how we can support their progress and development accross all areas of learning. As part of this process, your child will be allocated a ‘Key Person’. Your child’s Key Person will work closely with your child and get to know them and their learning and development needs, supporting your child to fulfil their own achievements.

We operate using an online observation and assessment system called ‘Tapestry’ where each child has their own journal dedicated to them. This online journal is where the key person will upload key observations of your child and possible next steps in their learning journey. You will be given a special password to use which enables you to log into your child’s individual learning journal as and when you wish and also enables you to upload your own photos and observations, which we actively encourage. Every child will be assessed and monitored to see how they are progressing, if they need any additional support in any area or if they are excelling and require further challenges. We will always speak to you, if we have any concerns about your child and we encourage you to raise any concerns with us. In addition to this, we are now legally required to do a two year check on each child in our care. This is a collaboration between the setting and parents/carers to see how a child is developing and we aim to do this the term after the child reaches 2.5 years. You can then share this with your health visitor if you wish.

All observation and assessment is done in partnership with parents and we want you to be as involved as possible. Your child’s online journal is available 24/7 and we welcome comments from parents and photos from home to help us build a stronger picture of each and every child.